The Medical Assistant Duties

The Medical Assistant Duties

Medical assistants are known throughout the medical industry as the most versatile partners of doctors and other medical specialists. They are sometimes called “generalists” as they handle almost everything from administrative to clinical and laboratory duties and responsibilities.

The medical assistant duties generally vary from office to office. The duties assigned to them differ according to the location and the size of the practice. The practitioner’s specialty may also play a large role. For instance, those who are working in large practices tend to master and focus on a particular area and they are often supervised by department administrators, while those who work on smaller practices tend to take the duties and responsibilities of generalists. They do the administrative duties as well as the clinical procedures, and report everything related to their work directly to the office manager, the doctor or the other practitioners. Also remember that the medical assistant duties, as mentioned, may include administrative and clinical procedures.

Let’s take a closer look as to what the medical assistant duties cover. Consider the following:

Administrative Medical Assistant Duties

The administrative medical assistant duties generally cover the typical office works. The medical assistants who work administratively perform duties such as answering telephone calls, emails, and faxes; greeting and accommodating patients in the reception area; sorting, updating and filing the medical records of patients; planning and scheduling doctor’s appointments; handling correspondence; filing out insurance forms; bookkeeping; handling and collecting medical billing; making arrangements for laboratory services and hospital admission; ordering medical and office supplies; banking and handling payrolls; and a lot more.

Clinical Medical Assistant Duties

Just like in the administrative medical assistant duties, there are a lot of things to mention about the clinical medical assistant duties assigned to every medical assistant working in a medical team. Included in the list are taking medical histories of patients; taking and recording vital signs; making the patients aware about certain treatment procedures; preparing patients for medical tests and examinations; and assisting the doctors during the examinations. There are also certain instances when the medical assistant duties may cover the preparation and collection of laboratory specimens, perform laboratory tests, sterilize medical instruments used by the physicians, and even dispose contaminated supplies. The clinical medical assistant duties may also cover the task of preparing and administering patients’ medications as directed by the doctors, drawing blood samples for testing, handling x-rays, removing sutures and changing dressings, and even taking electrocardiograms.

All of these administrative and clinical medical assistant duties, however, must be performed in accordance to established standards and protocols of the medical team. Of course, it is important that before taking such medical assistant duties, the physician or other health care practitioners have knowledge about it.