Medical Research Assistants and Their Responsibilities


Medical Research Assistants and Their Responsibilities

The medical industry is rapidly growing with a number of medical entities rising. One of the largest entities known to man is the medical research assisting, which is but considered by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics as the fastest growing career through 2012.

Medical research assisting is a profession that is not easy, yet challenging to take. A lot of duties and responsibilities are attached to it, and every medical research assistant is entitled to perform all of these responsibilities as possible. Note that a medical research assistant is someone who is engaged in the collection, processing, and coordination of research information, samples or specimens to be used for whatever specified medical research studies. Aside from that, the medical research assistant has the responsibility to take care of the arrangement, performance and recording of field interviews, including the performance of certain clinical procedures.

All of such basic responsibilities must be done in accordance to what is set as a standard by the research and clinical team. Perhaps the most exciting part of being a medical research assistant is that they are allowed to travel to a number of sites within a geographical area identified by the research team. This travel opportunity, however, is only available if the said trip is appropriate for what the research study is aiming. The travel must do something valuable to the success of the research study.

There are a lot more responsibilities entrusted to the medical research assistants, aside from what are mentioned above. The medical research assistants must also perform the tasks of identifying and compiling the lists of potential subjects or targets of the research according to the study’s limits and to what it aims. Often, the medical research assistants take the responsibility of developing and assisting medical doctors and other specialists in the development of interview schedules, and covered under this task is to contact the prospects and arrange interviews by telephone or by person. There are also some instances when the medical research assistants are assigned to conduct the actual interviews with subjects, either by phone or face-to-face.

The medical research assistants may also conduct clinical tests and procedures, like drawing samples of blood and body fluids. However, this task can only be performed if ordered by the professional doctor, or the one handling the assistant. It can also be performed in accordance to the protocol of the study, as well as to the clinical methods and standards established by the medical team.

To sum it all up, the duties and responsibilities of the medical research assistant are not only limited to research assisting. The medical research assistant’s responsibilities cover almost everything from administrative to the clinical procedures. And, all of these tasks must be practiced in accordance to the standards and procedures set by the management.