Getting your Certification in Phlebotomy


Phlebotomy is a medical field which involves drawing and extracting blood from patients and other laboratory procedures. Blood works needs a lot of care as one must know how to deal with the patients and take care of the blood samples and equipment in the right way. It is also very essential for a phlebotomist to know how to properly store blood.

To be a phlebotomist, you need a phlebotomy certification from ASCP if you live in America and other responsible bodies in other countries. The American Society for Clinical Pathologist is the phlebotomy licensing body. Pathology on the other hand is the art of studying tissue and blood sample to make proper diagnosis.  

In order for one to have a certification in phlebotomy, he or she will need to take a course in a phlebotomy school. There are people who land phlebotomy jobs without any formal education and in the case practical experience is what works for them in getting certification. It is however of great importance to get a study guide to make sure every single detail in the practice is understood thereby making it easy to pass the tests. The guides will prepare one on what to expect from the certification exam in phlebotomy.

The exams are meant to prove that the student already knows everything appertaining to phlebotomy and that he can effectively handle laboratory procedures without any problems. To get the certification one must pass the exam.

After the certification exam, one must continue with other education units on yearly basis so as to renew the license. This is important as it maintains the solid base of nursing knowledge one acquires. Education continuation is also important since more advanced medical technologies are coming up and a phlebotomist must know how each functions as well as how to perform the various duties coming with such technologies.

Phlebotomy, just like any other medical field is full of opportunities. It also has different areas that one can specialize in. Some of the most famous areas in the field include medical lab technicians, donor phlebotomy technician or even histotechnician. All these areas are essential if any blood work is to go smoothly and give the right diagnosis. Incompetent phlebotomists can complicate a lot of issues and therefore training and certification is important.

Any medical field requires a lot of commitment and dedication as one can’t afford to joke with people’s lives. Getting the right kind of training is the key to a good medical career.

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